2015, whatcha up to?

Can you believe it?  We are already in February of 2015!  I like to refer to time as that of sand slipping through our fingers at the beach.  It’s impossible for it to not slip through the cracks regardless of how tightly we try to hold onto it.  It’s what we do with it as it passes that makes it meaningful or just a trail of small pieces insignificantly left behind.  Remember in childhood dripping wet sand through our fingers and building sand castles?  What are we building now with our time?

I hear every day, and sometimes out of my own mouth, ‘I’m so busy.’  First hand I understand what busy feels and looks like.  Sometimes I look back over a week or so and I can’t even comprehend all that gets done.  In the past I would look back, usually over a specific day and say, ‘I was busy all day, what got done?’  Nothing is more frustrating than not being in ownership of our time and the results of our use of it.  I have been working, and challenge you to join me, to Notice, on purpose, what I do with my time.  I look back and decide if my precious moments have been inspiring for others and myself. Have the people I love felt nourished and the jobs I did for income and philanthropy been enhanced with my efforts?  Did I feel revved up or let down, inspired or stale?

From what I notice I then Choose what to do to enhance what I love and what is working or to shift what doesn’t feel right.  I Choose to own the outcomes of my moments on this earth and then Actsm, on purpose, in ways that fill my soul, heart and creative individualism such that I am more often building castles and not leaving crumbs.

Cheers to the castles you will build in 2015!

All it Takes is… Noticing, on purpose, what you are up to with your precious moments, Choosing to be sure you are fueling your soul and then Acting in ways that ensure your castles are the architecture of your unique talents and heart.

All it Takes