Month: August 2019

All It Takes Newsletters

Welcome to our newsletter archives! Here you’ll find all of our newsletters ever sent out. As we grow we want share with our supporters everything that were doing and all of the amazing stories that our students, staff, and volunteers have to share with you. Enjoy exploring everything All It Takes has to offer! Edition… Read more »

Back to School!

The school year has officially begun, All It Takes is looking forward to supporting the lives of thousands of students! Our summer season consisted of intensive planning and training educators on a variety of All It Takes’ programs and curriculum. Westside Union School District (WUSD) educators joined us in an in-depth training to learn about how… Read more »

AIT Spotlight: Abby Kilkelly

“It [AIT Legacy Summit] showed me what’s important and it showed me how everyone is going through things, and to be respectful of people. It also showed me…that everyone has a reason for doing things which has allowed me to be more understanding of situations. It’s kind of like a domino effect, one thing leads… Read more »

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