Month: December 2019

AIT Spotlight: Lily Rosado

“Honestly that first Legacy Summit still has a big impact, even now. Before Legacy, I was really shy. Even now I’m shy, but back then I was really really really shy. And so leaving Legacy, I was like ‘Oh! To some degree, everyone’s dealing with the same issues of loneliness or anxiety, or with their… Read more »

The Shelly R. Miller Memorial Award: Kevin McConnell

Kevin McConnell has been an All It Takes board member and active volunteer for nearly 9 years. This year, Kevin, a committed board member and passionate advocate for youth, received a special honor from his company, LexisNexis.   Recognizing Kevin’s skills as a sales rep and his humanitarian actions outside of work, LexisNexis awarded Kevin with the, Shelly… Read more »

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