A Night of Recognition with AIT and Westside Union School District

On September 26th the Westside Union School District’s WAVE foundation, (West Antelope Valley Education foundation) honored All It Takes and founders, Lori and Shailene Woodley. This recognition was truly an honor from an organization that supports this leading school district, one that demonstrates at every turn, a true commitment to the academic, social and emotional well-being of every student. AIT has had the gift of serving the students of WUSD for many years, growing in partnership through shared positive  impact and unwavering commitment to their youth.

Both founders of AIT, Lori and Shailene have history with the WUSD that reaches back over 20 years. Lori spent one year as a school counselor at Joe Walker in 1998-1999 and Shailene began her school career at WUSD, attending Cottonwood elementary school in grades K-2.  When the Woodley family moved from the area in 1999 no one could have predicted that 12 years later there would be an opportunity to once again work together. This time in a much larger capacity, serving many more students. 

One special story that Lori recounts often has to do with her year at Joe Walker and the ripple effect that she did not know was happening. 12 years after leaving the district, Lori received a Facebook message reconnecting her to one of her students from that year. This student, Shannon Rossall, EdD., had become a teacher and was working on her EdD. The message recounted how the experiential work Lori had done as a counselor with her peer program had positively impacted her and that she may be interested in sending some of her students to our overnight Legacy program. When working with students it is rare that one receives long term feedback on the impact they made. This message was both welcome and humbling. 

From that message to this Fall the gift of WUSD has continued to grow. Students who are fortunate to attend this cutting edge district are being served by a leader, Dr. Gina Rossall,  school board, management team, teachers, instructional assistants, support staff and beyond, who collectively and tirelessly, work to give their students the best social, emotional and academic foundation possible. 

All It Takes is grateful to have been recognized with the WAVE Foundation’s Hero award as a non-profit partner. https://www.avpress.com/news/local_news/wave-raises-k-to-help-westside-union/article_4ca1c772-e412-11e9-845b-ffff14950c50.html

Thank you City of Palmdale, City of Lancaster County of Los Angeles, the California Legislator Assembly, the California State Senate, WAVE, and Westside Union School District!

We truly could not be more honored or proud. 

All it Takes