About Us

We see a world with people who have what it takes to be leaders both in their own lives and for others. Leaders who, through bold and compassionate action, make positive changes in the world that benefit us all. We see a world where all people get the tools and education they need to spread the word and inspire sustainable forward momentum. We see a world where we first notice, and then we choose and ultimately act in ways that bring acceptance and joy within our circles, our families, our schools, our communities and our world.

This is OUR VISION, and All It Takes is YOU!

Our Mission

All It Takes is a non-profit organization that cultivates leadership through active individual and team training. Our youth leadership programs teach young people at a critical life stage to practice honor, acceptance, compassion and respect in order to create sustainable, positive change among their peers, family members, society and the environment.

Our Founders

All It Takes was founded in 2010 by Lori and Shailene as a global call to action. We believe that each of us has a responsibility to humanity and our planet to be a part of sustainable positive change and that happiness comes from participating in ways we are individually passionate about.

Our Founding Family

Lori Woodley, Shailene Woodley and Tanner Woodley

Beyond the global message, All It Takes focuses on Youth Leadership under Lori’s expertise and direction.  After 25 years as a school counselor focusing on experiential learning, parenting support, peer programs and emotional intelligence, Lori now spends her time writing and speaking on emotional intelligence issues, parenting dilemmas and the transformational work experiential education creates all while guiding All It Takes’ programming and executive operations.

In 2015 Tanner joined the All It Takes team as an executive board member and working directly with planning and implementation of our Legacy and 7th grade camp programs. He has become an active voice for the youth whom we serve, helping us to meet their needs and inspire their growth. 

 All It Takes is a family and community affair, we look forward to you joining us as a partner, donor, participant or volunteer.

Meet Our board

A dedicated and talented group of people, the All It Takes Board collectively brings a unique mix of creative and business expertise to the organization. Our eclectic group all share one commonality: a promise to do All It Takes in their own lives and as board members to improve our world every day.

All it Takes