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Welcome to our newsletter archives! Here you’ll find all of our newsletters ever sent out. As we grow we want share with our supporters everything that were doing and all of the amazing stories that our students, staff, and volunteers have to share with you. Enjoy exploring everything All It Takes has to offer!

Edition Thirteen (03/12/2021).

Edition Twelve (7/20/2020).

Edition Eleven (6/17/2020).

Edition Ten (5/12/2020).

Edition Nine (4/10/2020).

Edition Eight (2/19/2020).

Edition Seven (1/31/2020).

Edition Six (12/23/2019).

Edition Five (11/27/2019).

Edition Four (10/18/2019)

Edition Three (9/30/2019)

Edition Two (8/15/2019)

Edition One (7/17/2019)

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