Appreciating Others


You made it to our new website, welcome! All it Takes℠ is thrilled to have this new site, new look and new feel. There are two very special companies who have helped us look this fabulous and All it Takes is proud to be partnered with them.

We are also proud to partner with you. Whether you are a past or new donor/supporter, a student attending our camps and programs, school site personnel looking to create a safer more connected and engaged campus where all students can thrive, a parent who is looking to give your children an opportunity that will last a lifetime or simply someone who found us and is looking to do All it Takes℠ in your life to make the world better, we welcome and thank you. You are important to us and we value the time you are taking to be on our site.

All it Takes℠ is letting people know they are appreciated and valued, that they matter. We encourage you to use the Notice Choose Act® formula below to make appreciating others a daily routine.

NOTICE who in your life makes things easier, makes you look or feel good. Notice what you might be taking for granted.  Do you notice the person who serves you water, the person who slows so you can merge in, or the person who smiles and says hello or good morning.  Are you that person for others? We invite you to simply notice.

CHOOSE to be mindful of how you want others feel because of their interactions with you.  Choose whether you want to lift them up or let moments of opportunity to acknowledge pass you by.  Do you want to be the person someone warmly remembers at the end of the day because of a simple thoughtful appreciation.  Do you remember others who appreciate you?

ACT courageously, kindly and on purpose to create the outcome you want based on what you first  noticed and then chose.  Simple is powerful, a compliment, smile, warm greeting are always free and they buy humanity a wealth of riches.


The new site, logo, color palette and overall look was done by for us by the brilliant creative team and owners of HEILbrice. All it Takes looks so fabulous because of you.  Thank you for your time, genius and belief in the work All it Takes is doing to bring bold, compassionate, and purposeful leadership to our youth and society in general. Without your generosity we would not look so fabulous.  Thank you from all of us at All it Takes!


TorchesDesign Studio are the heroes for our graphic designs, printed materials, bags, camp shirts, jackets and other event items. Since the inception of All it Takes, Torches has been there for us, patiently saying yes to last minute requests, designing and re-designing to make sure all parties are happy. They do it all with warmth and commitment to highest quality and timely service.  Thank you Torches, we appreciate your service and dedication to All it Takes.

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