Back to School!

The school year has officially begun, All It Takes is looking forward to supporting the lives of thousands of students! Our summer season consisted of intensive planning and training educators on a variety of All It Takes’ programs and curriculum. Westside Union School District (WUSD) educators joined us in an in-depth training to learn about how to incorporate important emotional intelligence skills into their own classrooms. One PE teacher told us, “I really got into this two years ago and the difference it makes is huge. I use it everyday at home with my own kids too.”

WUSD is in its fourth year of implementing All It Takes curriculum. As this work spreads across their schools’ campuses, these lessons have started to reach into Physical Education, Math, English, and even elective classes, like Theater.

WUSD staff and educators have seen first hand their students’ declining ability to make responsible decisions, and how our framework Notice Choose Act® has benefited students’ ability to independently find and implement solutions.

Just as their students do, educators and staff participated in activities and debriefed their experience afterwards. Many shared success stories of their previous year and shared advice with educators new to the program. We are lucky to work with this school district and have educators and staff who are motivated to make a lasting impact on their community. This work would not be possible without them.

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