Let’s Play, part 2…

Last week I explored finding joy in our day, regardless of the circumstances.  Let’s expand on finding humor and laughter in our day and in our circumstances by actually PLAYING, on purpose! Ever seen a child stomp in a puddle?  Roll on the ground in giddy laughter?  Ever been that adult who dances in the… Read more »

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Let’s Play…..part 1

Do you ever get to the end of a day and look back at it and remember the playful moments that turned into fun, laughter, smiles?  For many of us we don’t look back at our day and remember anything and if we do it’s often all about what went wrong that day, who didn’t… Read more »

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2015, whatcha up to?

Can you believe it?  We are already in February of 2015!  I like to refer to time as that of sand slipping through our fingers at the beach.  It’s impossible for it to not slip through the cracks regardless of how tightly we try to hold onto it.  It’s what we do with it as… Read more »

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All it Takes