Direct Service Days with Conejo Valley Unified School District

This last month the All It Takes team has been traveling to all elementary schools in the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD). We took their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders out onto their field to lead different activities while teaching them our framework: Notice Choose Act® .

Our goal with this program is to strengthen their decision making skills through our framework but also have them understand that even though not everyone feels like a leader, everyone is an influencer. You might be reading this thinking that you do not have a lot of influence, but you do! The impact of your influence might not be outwardly obvious but it is there. Students who sit quietly while others are speaking are influencing the classroom to be a less disruptive environment. Students who speak over others while they are sharing are influencing the classroom to be more disruptive. The catch here is that we all get to decide what kind of influence we have.

Framing it this way allows students to start taking accountability over how they may be positively or negatively influencing their classroom. Our presence and words are constantly influencing our environment. In the activities we implement with CVUSD students, they must all work together in order to complete the activity. We design activities that require every student’s participation and the true success doesn’t come from completing it but when every student starts to recognize how they are influencing their group. This influence can through cooperating, holding the group back because of their lack of attention, or outwardly refusing to participate.

Students are pushed to recognize what their influence is and to voice how other’s influence impacted their experience. This teaches them open and effective communication while taking ownership over your decisions and being empowered to express to each other directly how they feel. This work doesn’t stop here, Physical Educators in this district are being trained to implement our curriculum in their class because becoming an effective and responsible member in any community needs to be constantly practiced.

To learn more about what were doing to build responsible and positive influencers or to bring us into your community feel free to email us at

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