Direct Service Days with Westside Union School District

The school year is here and we have fully kicked off our season with Direct Services days for every elementary school in the Westside Union School District. The All It Takes team visits each school for a three hour long program filled with experiences and discussions centered around what their influence is on their school community. These programs bring students together by facilitating experiences that teach important social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons along with sparking new friendships between students who can begin making a difference at their schools. 

The All It Takes team has visited 9 different schools in the last three weeks and each school comes with its own challenges and successes. Between learning how to communicate effectively as a group and hold one another (including themselves) accountable for their influence in their community, these students are challenged to dive deep into what kind of community they would like to live in and how they can make that happen today, tomorrow, and the rest of the school year. 

These days serve ALL fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at each school including special education and ED students. It allows students who rarely ever interact with one another to learn about each other and work through their differences to work towards a common goal.

Thank you Westside Union School District for allowing us to work with your spectacular and inspiring students! 

All it Takes