Legacy Leadership Summit 2019

Our flagship program hosted 92 students from Portugal, New York, Arizona, Washington, California, North and South Dakota  into the mountains for 4 days and 3 nights for a life changing experience that would forever change the way they see themselves and others.

Our Legacy Leadership Summit brings students from all over the globe together, starting as strangers from all walks of life and finishing as lifelong friends. Students participate in various workshops and events, sometimes alone, sometimes in duos and often in their randomly assigned small groups. Regardless of the people they were with, for the duration of the camp they experienced situations with new people and, in the end, they learned how to develop a new and powerful community with complete strangers. 

At the onset of camp, students participate in what often becomes the most challenging: Turning turning in their phones. The reaction is often visceral as our youth have become so attached to their devices they are not sure what to do without them. In fact, some truly believe they will not ‘survive’ without them. Everyone survives, in fact, they thrive, we promise! 

Beginning with the phones, Legacy participants find themselves facing various challenges and obstacles, sometimes it’s the workshop, sometimes it is conflict with peers. Legacy uses the opportunity to teach students how to use our Notice Choose Act ® framework to work through these situations. One core concept of Leadership and Influence is problem solving and we start by empowering youth  to express their concerns constructively and accept accountability for what they can do within their circumstances to solve it. Our staff and mentors are there to support students through problem solving but not to take over their process. As one of our participants said, “I learned that at the end of the struggles, there’s happiness.”

Legacy encourages participants, mentors, and staff to take two steps further than they think they can. We teach participants to notice what holds them back and lean into going further than they believe they can. . For some students this meant climbing up the ropes course or speaking up in a group. For mentors and staff this might have been bonding with a student who knows exactly what buttons to push or taking a step back to let the students take charge even when they thought it may go sideways. At the end of the program our participants recognized  how capable they are and how much potential they hold. 

“It has been an incredible experience. It has taught me to be patient and most importantly love my students. They all are human and they all need love. I will teach with more compassion in the classroom. this weekend was filled with lots of ups and downs but overall it was a positive experience for myself.” 

– Middle School Teacher

“The impact of being present and connecting with each other as active members of this great planet has been life changing. I learned who I can be for people, who I want to be in a moment of adversity, and how I want to make a pure and deep connection not only with others but with myself. I am eternally grateful to All It Takes.”

-Middle School Counselor

“My group went from saying I can’t to, I can, from the start of ropes course to the end of Monday.”

-High School Group Mentor

Whether it be the ropes course, team building activities, workshops, or 40+ hours the groups spend together everyone leaves with a new perspective and new friends. This intensive and interactive weekend supports students in becoming more self-aware of their impact on their community, their personal direction, it develops  skills in responsible decision making, and encourages them to consider new perspectives on what leadership means to live a more powerful, and positive life.  

Below are a few of the many handwritten comments  we received on their evaluations:

“ This training was amazing I wish AIT could come to North/South Dakota. I had trouble the first couple days. I am beyond grateful and thankful for this experience. I’m so blessed to have made the impact I did on people I did not expect or think. I am happy to have let everything that was bothering me out.”

-High School Particpant

“This is the absolute best thing to happen to me”

-Middle School Participant

“When I came to camp, I knew no one. I was alone, anxious, and wishing it was all over. But now, on the other end, I wish we had kept going. AIT is more than a leadership camp, it’s also a space we can safely express our moods and feelings. AIT is an emotional space, a space to find what is wrong, grow as a person, and come out feeling maybe a little bit vulnerable, but stronger in the long run.”

-High School Participant

“I have no words to explain how this camp has changed me. My mentors were absolutely amazing. They were always there for me every time I needed them. They were also always my personal cheerleaders. I am so sad to leave today but I wouldn’t have changed anything about this weekend. I am beyond grateful that I was invited here and the group I was put in. I am so happy knowing I can leave and make a difference in the world. I was able to connect with new people that I never thought I would and I know I’m not alone.I love you all and I will seriously miss you guys so much. You have changed my life.”

-Middle School Participant

Survey results:

The demonstrated skills have been associated with positive youth development that result in increased connectedness to their communities, hope for their future, and increased efficacy (Stanford’s John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities)

Our mission with every Legacy Leadership Summit is to empower students to create the environment they did during the four days in their own homes and communities. They walk away better equipped with the essential emotional intelligence skills to successfully navigate their lives and support their communities.

To learn more about how you can send you student or school to the next Legacy Leadership Summit or other AIT program, email our Program Coordinator, Karen Coronado at karen@allittakes.org

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