Let’s Play…..part 1

Do you ever get to the end of a day and look back at it and remember the playful moments that turned into fun, laughter, smiles?  For many of us we don’t look back at our day and remember anything and if we do it’s often all about what went wrong that day, who didn’t help us, how much we didn’t like something, how life’s unfair.  I make a point every day to NOTICE the fun parts, to recognize the laughter or lack there of.  If I am not finding ‘fun’ in my day I definitely NOTICE and then CHOOSE to pay attention and put ‘play’ into my next hours or day.  At times before sleeping I will watch a humorous video or call a friend who always makes me laugh.  Simple reminders that life is much more enjoyable, even during challenging times, when play and fun are involved.

 Life is way TOO SHORT to not find the FUN in it.  There is something to smile about everyday, even if it’s simply to laugh at our ourselves and our circumstances.  Maybe what’s FUN is bringing joy to someone else, doing that is a reprieve from our own grumpy behavior and thoughts.

Today NOTICE when you laugh, when you smile, when you make someone else smile or that you aren’t smiling, making others smile.  In the simple act of NOTICING you WILL feel GOOD.

After you NOTICE, make a CHOICE to do more of it in the next hours or the next day, make a CHOICE to feel good and make others feel good.

Then ACT, on purpose, to create a day where joy lives for you.  I PROMISE you will go to sleep that night feeling easy, calm and satisfied!

All it Takes