Let’s Play, part 2…

Last week I explored finding joy in our day, regardless of the circumstances.  Let’s expand on finding humor and laughter in our day and in our circumstances by actually PLAYING, on purpose!

Ever seen a child stomp in a puddle?  Roll on the ground in giddy laughter?  Ever been that adult who dances in the rain, has a carpet picnic in the middle of your living room for dinner for no special reason?  Playful activities are a contagion for smiles and laughter.  One cannot exist without the other.  And why not?  Why not put ‘silly’ into your day, whether at work, home, with friends, with partners?  Our brains, (little voice), may tell us how ridiculous this sounds, however our soul will rejoice and our emotions will scream with delight!  We will feel SO DARN free and easy, once we manage to tell that ‘little voice,’ to BE QUIET!

How to PLAY?

First NOTICE random moments or times when you can add play easily, (it gets easier with practice), turning the mundane into playful action…people around you will love it, some right away and some may need to quiet their nay-saying little voice.

Then CHOOSE to play, creatively explore in your mind something other than generic routine ways that have you numbly going through your day.

Then ACT!  DO something PLAYFUL…  something silly by average, ordinary standards.  Have that carpet picnic with your kids, run in the sprinklers, hike to a tree and climb it, put a silly, uplifting on note on a colleagues desk.  Listen to a funny story then re-tell it.  Playing is ANYTHING that is fun and uplifting and allows us to get out of our head and into our spirit!

Share with us what you are doing to add play into your day, it will be contagious!

All it Takes