Other people’s sweat

Recently, while out walking in Atlanta, I was struck in admiration as I passed a gentleman mowing tall thick weeds along the Beltway. His mower was not a fancy self-propelled machine nor was he riding it; it was running by this man’s determined grit and strength.  He was in long everything, pants, shirt, etc., covered head to toe in 97 degrees and 95% humidity.  He looked up and we made eye contact, exchanged smiles and inaudible, ‘good mornings.’ I paused briefly and continued along thinking about him, no longer hearing the songs playing in my headphones.  I was in shorts, tank and gym shoes expecting to sweat and knowing it would be an hour and then a shower…I was good.  And remarkably so was he!  I was moved by what I observed as pride in his work, in his effort, in his progress.  There was no complaint from this man who was working a long day in tick-infested weeds, pushing a mower that bogged at every new clump of saturated growth.

I was gratefully reminded that morning of how our attitudes drive our experiences; no matter how difficult those circumstances are our attitude is everything.  I will long remember the very brief yet highly impactful connection I had with this joyfully hard working man who took the time to acknowledge a stranger passing by.

NOTICE those around you in all circumstances, work, play and rest.  What is your attitude about what you notice?  How are you allowing that experience to move you to a more evolved you?

CHOOSE to acknowledge humanity at large, take it in, let it warm your heart and fill up your gratitude bucket.

ACT in ways that let people in your surroundings know that you have noticed them and you appreciate their contributions to our world.  It can be as easy as a smile and acknowledgement of appreciation.

All it Takes