Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a comprehensive social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that provides practical skills that fit the diverse needs of schools and youth oriented organizations across the globe. School violence, feelings of isolation and despair, social anxiety and depression are common denominators across all modern campuses and communities, and Out of the Box is here to help you implement a proactive, student-motivated SEL program to combat these risk factors.

With Out of the Box, you’re able to explore a variety of tools and techniques for implementation, including facilitating student-lead problem solving. Experiential activities are designed to inspire core life lessons via student discovery, helping students feel closer to others, fairly treated, and vested in school;  three components which research has shown can significantly reduce delinquency in schools.

We know you’re busy, and the idea of introducing a new curriculum to your already-packed academic schedules can be overwhelming. That’s why Out of the Box was designed with the help of teachers, counselors, and activities experts, to make sure you gain everything while losing none of your current programming. Every unique lesson in Out of the Box is designed to improve your classroom and campus community while being implemented seamlessly with the standard curriculum, time restraints, and academic deliverables your educators are already balancing.  Your staff and students will improve and develop skills ranging from self-efficacy, confidence, accountability, empathy, self-regulation, and self-esteem.

There is a global need for our youth to develop and enhance their inter- and intra-personal skills. The implementation of SEL programs has proven to fill this need by lowering emotional distress, producing fewer conduct problems, and improving academic performance, as well as uplifting student attitudes toward themselves and others. Your role in enhancing your organization or school’s level of emotional safety increases the likelihood of students coming forward about high risk activities, further promoting both emotional and physical safety on campus.3 Your promotion of healthy relationships and a safe, sustainable social environment shows to be the most effective method for reducing school misconduct

Customization of the Out of the Box kit allows us to appropriately account for the diverse age range you work with along with your dynamic classroom and extra curricular environments. We understand that there are unique problems and cultural nuances facing every community and All It Takes is dedicated to teaching and providing Leaders with the skills and confidence they need to organize, advocate, and inspire their students to create change in a way that works for their community. All It Takes trainers and support staff are ready to collaborate with you to ensure that all implementation materials and skills are in place for meaningful delivery.

Programming and training provided to you includes our unique Out of the Box language and content, the Notice Choose Act ® decision making framework, fun and easy ways to implement SEL concepts with your students, and conversation and thought topics to seamlessly redirect negative trends in communication. Out of the Box also offers a step-by-step experiential activity manual for physical education, outdoor games, and movement oriented group leadership development. Don’t worry, we provide all the materials you’ll need to have a meaningful and enjoyable experience with your students.

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