Fundraiser to benefit All It Takes

About the Program

Kailand Obasi Annual Hoop-Life Fundraiser to benefit All It Takes is a star studded event like no other.

When Kailand Obasi Morris turned 12 he asked his parents, Kai Milla and Stevland Morris, (Stevie Wonder), for a basketball tournament birthday party.  The party was such a fabulous event attendees started asking about the next year!  Kailand’s parents made a decision and told him that for his 13th birthday and beyond his ‘big’ party’s would become fundraisers for a charity of mutual choosing.   They were committed to making sure their boys learned to give back and appreciate the life they had. Kailand was asked to choose an area that he would like to make a difference in.  As a middle school student witnessing issues with hurtful behaviors, including bullying, at school and in the media, Kailand chose to get involved in a charity that had a strong program to reduce this behavior and make schools and communities safer.  After a comprehensive review of charities they chose All It Takes to support and Kailand Obasi became our first Youth Ambassador in 2014.

The Kailand Obasi Hoop-Life Fundraiser and has become an August tradition for All It Takes, the Morris family and our friends.  Held at USC and serving up great food, celebrity coaches and entertainment, amazing prizes and a rigorously competitive 4-team youth, (13-16), basketball tournament, the edge of your seat fun never stops.



Program Sponsors

Please allow us to take this opportunity to recognize the generous contributions of our Supporters. For it is truly their trust in our vision and mission that we are able to do All It Takes to make a difference in lives, communities and futures. So with that a heart felt thank you to the following:

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