Spirit of The Holidays

A glimpse into the amazing way All It Takes reaches the community.

About the Program

59dd0a_a4c529594d9a49629825e60f03f04233In 2011, Michelle Pinnegar, a co-worker of our founder, Lori Woodley, shared a story that would add a program to All It Takes that we never saw coming.  Two days before Thanksgiving she shared that a colleague of theirs, Karen Lucas, was battling cancer and needed help for her family on Thanksgiving.  Lori immediately sent a text to her ten closest family and friends explaining the situation and asking for their help.  The extraordinary happened…within ten minutes she had commitments for an entire home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, along with grocery/gas cards totaling over $400.  Afterwards, Lori’s mom asked, “What about Christmas, they are going to need support for that holiday too.”

Spirit of the Holidays was born. That first year, from concept to delivery was three weeks and we raised $15,000 in goods and cash, and served 11 families with individually purchased gifts, food cards, gas cards, bus passes, medical appointments, Christmas trees and more. Year two we served 27 families and extended our program to find people to adopt entire families. In 2013 we grew again and had the honor of being in service to 32 families. In 2014 we served 44 families, 2015 we remarkably served 78 families and 2016 served 45 families.  Donations fill in the gaps to support families not yet adopted, purchase bus passes for those without a vehicle and provide grocery cards for ALL families.

Program Sponsors

Please allow us to take this opportunity to recognize the generous contributions of our Supporters. For it is truly their trust in our vision and mission that we are able to do All It Takes to make a difference in lives, communities and futures. So with that a heart felt thank you to the following:

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