The Shelly R. Miller Memorial Award: Kevin McConnell

Kevin McConnell has been an All It Takes board member and active volunteer for nearly 9 years. This year, Kevin, a committed board member and passionate advocate for youth, received a special honor from his company, LexisNexis.  

Recognizing Kevin’s skills as a sales rep and his humanitarian actions outside of work, LexisNexis awarded Kevin with the, Shelly R. Miller Memorial Award for Outstanding Customer Focus and Personal Commitment. This esteemed award is given annually at the LexisNexis National Meeting attended by 1,200 sales representatives. 

Background on the Award: Shelly Miller, Senior Account Manager at LexisNexis, passed away April 6, 2005. She had a tremendously loyal following among her clients because of her superior customer focus, excellent product knowledge, and personal commitment to excellence. She touched many with her exceptional dedication and passion. Her commitment to personal excellence was also exemplified through her role as a leader within the company and a dedicated mentor to her peers.

In Kevin’s time with All It Takes he has supported the social-emotional growth of hundreds of youth during our Legacy Leadership Summits. A defining moment for Kevin happened during his first summit experience when he witnessed two strangers, a sixth and eighth grader, being paired up and how they experienced immediate discomfort at having to interact with someone new, a complete stranger. Kevin describes their body language as being like two magnets of similar currents, repelling each other. By the end of the summit program the two kids were laughing, hugging, and happily interacting with one another. The differences they first felt had dissipated, replaced by a genuine caring that seemed to surprise them all. As Kevin states, “That’s the power of this work, All It Takes has the ability to show people, both kids and adults, that there are more similarities between humans than differences.”

Kevin describes that another special and meaningful aspect of the AIT Programs is to witness previous participants come back as mentors and to see them blossom and grow as individuals and leaders. Kevin had the privilege of seeing his niece, Rachel, go through the program, first as a participant and followed by years of volunteering as a mentor, most recently driving from UC Davis, in the middle of finals, to volunteer at AIT’s 2019 Legacy Summit. Rachel attributes AIT to building her confidence and empathy, noting it has changed her life! 

Witnessing youth maximize their potential and support others to do the same reinforces Kevin’s belief on how important it is to be a better listener and be accepting of everyone you come in contact with. 

“Being a leader is not just about being in charge, it’s also about promoting and encouraging self-confidence in others, lifting people up to find their own greatness.”

Kevin is a champion for AIT’s curriculum and believes that it should be incorporated into schools across the United States to set up our future generations for success. He believes that the impact All It Takes has on youth will make for a kinder and more responsible future and is committed to being a part of that outcome.  Congratulations on your award Kevin. We, along with LexisNexis, thank you for all that you do!

All it Takes