You Do You Shirt Sale

Shirt Sale from 3/16 – 3/31


In our society, we are constantly bombarded with ideas of how we should act, how we should behave, how we should react. It is so easy to fall into the clutches of conformity, and dishonor the truths of our internal worlds.  To me, the mantra “you do you” represents our ability to respect, honor, and feel comfortable with our oddities, our differences, our unique personas.  To celebrate our ability to connect to our deepest, truest selves, and to live a life that fully represents the colors of our beautiful patchworks.  You Do You is a call to embrace what makes you distinct, what makes you powerful, what makes you you.  To recognize our own self beauty and serve it is an act of great courage…. by you representing your light, you are doing a great service to the world by inspiring, empowering, and offering those around you a chance to do the same 

Shailene Woodley

All it Takes