Youth Influencer Workshop

All It Takes Founder and Director, Lori Woodley, held an exploratory workshop for a diverse group of educators, parents, and passionate people whose sphere of influence touches the lives of youth. Lori shared thought provoking insights, anecdotes, and problem solving conversations with powerful individuals who seek to empower, challenge, and help the youth of today thrive – emotionally, socially, and with purpose. Learning, experiencing, and working through the challenges of Social-Emotional Learning helped attendees broaden their expertise and effectiveness when doing their life-changing work with youth. 

The event was hosted at the headquarters of Organifi, a health and wellness company based in San Diego that embodies the ideals and aspirations of All It Takes for every enterprise, a place where employees are valued, educated, and compassionate towards each other and the planet. Learn more about Organifi here:

Reflecting on the workshop, Lori Woodley wrote: 

“We have no time to wonder what to do to keep our kids safe, both heart safe and physically safe, (think about the tragic shootings taking place across the nation!). We simply get to be in the experiential work of it. We get to be their best advocate and source for SEL/EI skill development.

They deserve our commitment and belief that they have the ability and power to make every dream come true, and be a support for others to do the same.

Wondering who a Youth Influencer is?

Anyone who touches the lives of our children… Parents, educators, coaches, youth group leaders, ministries…. there are a lot of kids and a lot of influencers.”

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