Youth Leadership Certification Summit

MARCH 6, 5pm - MARCH 8, 4pm
FOR YOUTH LEADERS 8TH-12TH GRADE, 14-17 years old.

The Youth Leadership Certification Summit is an opportunity for students to develop advanced leadership skills while having so much fun! 

Designed for teens ages 14-17 who wish to be youth facilitators, mentors, change makers, or simply, to elevate their leadership skills and positive impact. 

Students participating in this program must meet at least one of the following criteria:  

1. Be an alumni of a previous All It Takes program
2. Be involved in a leadership role at school or community program
    3. Consistently demonstrate qualities of a positive leader as noted by an adult recommendation and approved by AIT

Together students will participate in skill development workshops and activities that support deep understanding of their impact on the world and how the world impacts them. 

Through this experience and skill set, students will create a shift in their ability to relate to and influence those around them, allowing them to step powerfully into their personal potential and collective impact. The level 1 leadership certification from All It Takes will be instrumental on college and job resumes.

Be Unstoppable!

The Youth Leadership Certification Summit builds competence, confidence, and motivation in young adults by empowering them to discover, channel and live their purpose by equipping them with essential skills that elevates both their personal journey and their impact on others. 

Youth are our biggest asset and our future. When they embrace their power, take responsibility for their impact, engage in high level emotional intelligence skills, and recognize that they are a critical part of the greater collective, their potential to be respected leaders soars. 

Be Unstoppable!


Participants will demonstrate understanding and
application of the following leadership traits:

High level communication skills: listening, speaking, connecting.

Accountability: owning outcomes & moving forward.

Understanding and use of the Notice Choose Act ® framework.

Communicate pro-actively and constructively in easy and challenging situations.

Exploration of individual gifts and areas for growth; identify, embrace, apply.

Comprehensive understanding of integrity and how it operates in their life.

Work and lead cooperatively and inclusively on teams and in groups; recognize contributing strengths and areas for growth within the group.  

Motivate and inspire others to take action.

Ability to mentor through insight, collaboration, and modeling.


5 pm March 6, 2020 - 4 pm March 8, 2020
Canyon Creek Retreat Center, Lake Hughes, CA
'a stunning space for connection, learning & thriving'

Tuition Includes:

- All programming & materials

- All meals (will meet all dietary restrictions)

- Shared accommodations, including bedding & en-suite bathrooms

- Level 1 Youth Leadership Certificate and Letter of Achievement





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